For a real flavour of Emilia-Romagna, book an aceto balsamico tasting for group. This one-day trip will offer an in-depth introduction to this prized condiment, which is an essential part of any Italian meal.

By visiting places such as local shops, small producers and cellars, you’ll see for yourself how balsamic vinegar is made from white Trebbiano grapes and aged in barrels like fine wine. To give you some idea of how seriously Italians take their balsamic vinegar, tradition varieties are aged for at least 12 years and sometimes for as long as a quarter of a century. There’s even a local custom of enjoying a few sips as a digestif at the end of meals. Needless to say, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase some quality vinegar yourself.

The ancient towns of Modena and Reggio Emilia both have their own distinctive varieties of balsamic vinegar. There’ll be a chance to sample what the region has to offer in combination with other delicious produce. As well turning up in pastas and risottos, balsamic vinegar can be sprinkled on cheese, seafood and even ice cream, so you can expect quite a feast. And a friendly English speaking guide will on hand at all times to explain every detail and answer any questions.

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